Sometimes in life, you find some thing;
Some thing changes your life
just by being part of it.

Ayman A. Mohamed and partners founded the Desert Fox Club (DFC) in 2003 with only 10 members; today there are 80 members and growing. After spending many years exploring the deserts of Egypt, Ayman and his team discovered their passion was in educating the locals on the unique natural environment of the deserts. Each year they host approximately 20 tours through The Western Desert, Gilf Kebir, The Great Sand Sea and the Eastern Desert, to name a few.

DFC’s mission is to educate their members and locals and take them on excursions highlighting the deserts unique geographical features, diverse flora and fauna, unparalleled vistas and breathtaking photo opportunities. The desert is a rich environment for all ages to learn and enjoy. Year after year, members return with new friends to share the joy of their desert travels and helping the environment.

The main aim is to keep the desert    DESERT 

You are Visitor No.


Let us give love to desert,
let us give a bit back what nature give to us

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